New memorial stones

Types of memorials:-

Cremation plaques, Vases, Headstone & Bases, Full kerb Sets - these can be produced in any colour granite or italian marble or nabresina.  A full range of sample colours can be found in our showroom.


Cleaning, repairs and restoration

We carry out  free estimates for all renovations to existing memorial stones such as cleaning. existing inscriptions re-painted or re-cut, repairs, chippings and addtional inscriptions.



We are able to offer inscriptions cut traditionaly by hand or using our modern techniques and  both range from:-

lead lettering including raised lead, gold lettering, black, brown, grey, white, silver and bronze.



The most durable stone of all and very suitable for British weather. It comes in many colours including black, red, blue and grey. Polishing brings out the true beauty and deep colour of the stone. Granite is highly recommended.
White Marble
White in colour, veined with blue/grey markings. Due to its porous nature marble is not recommended for use near to trees or damp areas. Always given a finely rubbed finish which is very smooth but never polished. Not permitted for use in churchyards.
This fine hard limestone, fawn/beige in colour, is suitable for most churchyards and finished as white marble.
A soft light coloured stone which discolours relatively quickly giving an aged look and is mostly used in churchyards.


All visible areas of the memorial are polished with the exception of any design work or inward facing surfaces. Suitable for virtually every cemetery except those run by the Church of England.
A honed finish can be best described as an 'eggshell' finish. Whilst extremely smooth it is non reflective and particularly suitable for most churchyards.
Part Polished
The polished or honed area of a memorial is restricted to the inscription face and top of base where applicable. All other surfaces will be pitched, sawn, sanded, blasted or rubbed as appropriate to the individual memorial.
A pitched finish is one that has been obtained by using a bolster and hammer which gives a rough finish to the memorial.
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